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Did you know that the new 2024 MINI Electric Hardtop is eligible for the $7,500 EV lease credit?  As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, the government offers various incentives to promote their adoption. One such incentive is the EV tax credit, which includes a lease credit of up to $7,500 for eligible EVs. If you have your sights set on a MINI Cooper and are considering leasing rather than purchasing, it’s crucial to understand which MINI Cooper models qualify for the EV $7,500 lease credit. In this blog post, we will delve into the MINI Cooper models that are eligible for this enticing lease credit, helping you make an informed decision.

The MINI Cooper SE is MINI’s fully electric vehicle (EV), designed to offer a sustainable driving experience without compromising the iconic MINI appeal. Released in 2020, the MINI Cooper SE is eligible for the federal EV $7,500 lease credit. This credit is applied to the lessor (the company offering the lease), which can significantly reduce your monthly lease payments. However, it’s important to note that lease terms and credit availability may vary, so it’s advisable to consult Bill Jacobs to understand the specifics of the lease credit and its application to your lease agreement.

The MINI Cooper SE is the only fully electric model available in the MINI Cooper lineup. Therefore, it is currently the sole model that qualifies for the EV $7,500 lease credit. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on future developments from MINI, as the automotive industry is evolving rapidly, and new electric models may be introduced in the future. If MINI expands its electric vehicle offerings, those models may also become eligible for the EV lease credit.


The 2024 MINI Electric Hardtop is eligible for an EV lease credit, thus making the lease payment on the MINI Electric much more affordable.


MINI Cooper has a long history of innovative and efficient design and the MINI Electric lineup is no different. The compact electric cars are supercharged to work with your lifestyle, equipped with the same go-kart handling and iconic flare.

If you are considering a MINI Cooper for a lease and want to take advantage of the EV $7,500 lease credit, the MINI Cooper SE is the model you should focus on. As the first fully electric MINI Cooper, the MINI Cooper SE offers the opportunity to enjoy the iconic MINI experience while embracing electric mobility. Be sure to contact our MINI dealership to get accurate and up-to-date information on the lease credit availability, terms, and specific application processes. Keep an eye out for future MINI Cooper electric models, as they may also become eligible for the EV lease credit. Leasing an eligible MINI Cooper with the EV lease credit can make electric driving more affordable and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. If you have any questions about leasing a MINI Cooper or about going electric, please contact one of our MINI Motoring Advisors. At Bill Jacobs MINI, the cars bring you in and the experience brings you back.

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