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One of the most important steps you can take to ensure your tires’ longevity and safety is to understand how to check your tire pressure. Doing this can boost fuel economy, decrease the change of a tire failure, reduce tread wear, and lessen the car’s stopping distance. Let’s take a look at nitrogen tire inflation.


Compared to standard compressed air, nitrogen tire inflation is the greatest advantage because nitrogen helps keep your tires inflated longer. It’s chemistry 101. Compressed nitrogen for tire inflation is more compatible. It has 92-98 percent pure nitrogen. Standard compressed air only has about 78 percent nitrogen. Nitrogen molecules are bigger than oxygen molecules. That means it’s tougher for it to leak from the tire. This process of air escaping is called permeability. While both oxygen and nitrogen can find their way out of the tires, it takes nitrogen six times longer when compared to oxygen. In addition, compressed air contains water vapor. This accelerates the oxidation pressure.

Nitrogen blocks oxidation. Oxidation can cause the rubber of the tire to become brittle. With nitrogen tires, the chance of experiencing a blow-out is less. The water vapor can both decrease or increase the tire’s pressure. Compressed nitrogen in tires is dry. This makes it more balanced than standard compressed air.


There are a few advantages to nitrogen tires. The US Department of Energy reports that nitrogen tires improve gas mileage and help a vehicle’s tires stay inflated longer. Nitrogen filled tires bleed air pressure a lot slower than compressed air. This increases MPG. You’re likely to see some savings in gas at the pump with nitrogen tires. Plus, properly inflated tires prolong the longevity of the tires and make them perform better on the road. When a tire is at the correct tire pressure, traction is better, and it’s easier to handle your vehicle.

Nitrogen is also a green alternative to compressed air. It decreases the use of natural resources. Although nitrogen tires cost more than standard compressed air, it’s still a good pick for your vehicle’s tires. The increase will balance out with the money you’ll save at the pump and get more mileage from your car’s tires. Most likely, you won’t be able to find compressed nitrogen at a gas station. But, you’ll find it at Bill Jacobs MINI in Naperville. Be sure to check out our service center in Naperville to discover our nitrogen options for your car’s tires.



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