MINI Vision Next 100 Provides A Striking View Of The Future

June 24th, 2016 by

Earlier this month, MINI unveiled the MINI Vision Next 100 concept car in London. Intended to provide a glimpse at what’s possible, this stunning vehicle offered an ambitious vision for the future of MINI cars. “Every MINI is my MINI” was the motto crafted to accompany this futuristic vehicle, communicating the automaker’s vision of a future where drivers out and about in urban areas can hail a MINI tailored to their specific preferences, wherever and whenever they need a ride. The MINI of the future would adapt itself to their unique tastes and preferences once they got inside.

In keeping with this idea, the MINI Vision Next 100 is something of a blank canvas. The silver exterior can actually change colors and designs to accommodate the shifting preferences of drivers. Inside, the “Cooperizer”—a centrally-positioned circular instrument similar to the current center screens found on MINI models—changes color as the onboard digital intelligence adopts different personality, entertainment, communications, and autonomous settings to accommodate the driver. To make drivers feel at home, the car actually projects welcoming lights onto the ground when a new driver approaches.

One of the most impressive features of the MINI Vision Next 100 is the car’s ability to switch between manual and autonomous driving modes. Drivers can make the switch simply by sliding the steering wheel; keep it in its usual position to take the wheel, or move it to the center to leave the driving up to the car. By removing the conventional combustion powertrain and utilizing an electric powertrain instead, designers were able to keep the MINI Vision Next 100 compact while maximizing interior space.

Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design, summarizes the appeal of the futuristic vehicle, saying: “The MINI VISION NEXT 100 shows how MINI’s unique take on the world could look in the future. The driving experience remains the emotional centrepiece, with effortless and seamless services grouped around it.” Whatever the future holds, remember that you can count on Bill Jacobs MINI to provide top quality MINI service at our dealership near Aurora, IL.

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