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Mini Carbon Edition is Huffed, Puffed, and Four-Doored

NOVEMBER 12, 2015 AT 5:05 PM BY

Mini Cooper S 4-door Carbon Edition

If the Mini Cooper S Hardtop 4 Door isn’t possessed of quite enough zoot for you, BMW’s cutesy unit is now offering the Carbon Edition. It’s not quite as potent as the two-door John Cooper Works Hardtop, suggesting that one must sacrifice a modicum of practicality for maximum thrill.

Mini Cooper S 4-door Carbon Edition

Offering 208 horsepower courtesy of the John Cooper Works Pro Tuning kit and a valve-equipped exhaust, the 4 Door comes in 20-hp shy of the full-boat JCW model. It does, however, offer the ragin’ John Cooper Works look, with 17-inch JCW Track Spoke black wheels, a body kit, and a rear spoiler. Carbon-fiber mirror caps, air-intake trim, and tailpipe trim add motorsporty aesthetic drama to the Mini, while matte-black stripes and a red pinstripe offer a visual tether to the John Cooper Works model.

Inside, the Carbon Edition includes a JCW steering wheel, heated seats, and a Harman/Kardon sound system. The sport exhaust valve is Bluetooth-activated, and according to Mini, “unleashes devilish backfire pops and crackling sound on the overrun.” Which sounds enticingly demonic, if you happen to be one those who wish that Swinging London had offered more Satanic Majesty and less Sgt. Pepper. Regrettably, the only thing we’ve found that’s positively Beelzebubbian about the latest performance-oriented Minis is the ride quality. But perhaps freshly Carbonized motorists will be making too much noise to notice.


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